September 1996

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Battle for the Harvest

You don't see fields of grain and columns of collectivist combines glorified on the evening news in Russia anymore. And little is heard about the plight of the country's new private farmer class. Which is why, on the occassion of this year's fall harvest, we sent Yelena Utenkova out into the fields. She returned with a story of the modern farm in Russia, against the backdrop of a tumultuous history.

Growing a Democracy

The demise of Big Brother left Russia with an emasculated state welfare system. Non-profit organizations, with and without Western aid, are attempting to step into the breach. Katherine Young reports on how these new organizations are helping those that Russia's reforms have forgotten.

Building the Future of Russia

Russia's third largest city, Nizhny Novgorod, is 775 years old this month. It is celebrating with a resurrection of its Yarmarka (fair), which has roots dating to the 16th century, and which was the foundation for the 1896 Great All-Russian Exhibition. Robert Greenall offers a look at how this once grey, industrial city is using the Yarmarka to boost its fortunes.

A 'Pocket' of Architecture

Riding on Nizhny Novgorod's construction boom, a new wave of city architects are making their mark on the appearance of the city. William Brumfield discovers styles which combine new initiative with echoes of the city's past glory.

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