September/October 2013

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Red Star over Leipzig

Two hundred years ago, the last battle of Napoleon’s Russian campaign was fought near Leipzig, Germany. Today, the city has a thriving Russian population.

Why Russians Don't Run

A tale of two long distance road races – Russia’s oldest and its most prestigious – and what they tell us about the state of running and fitness in Russia.

The Backbone of Russia

This is not your mother’s babushka! Yes, the babushka is still the backbone of Russia, but even a strong back needs a rest. How modern Russians are coping with change.

The Latest Imports

A look at five young, western entrepreneurs and how they are making a go of it in Russia’s challenging business environment.

Departments and More

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    Reset, Shmeeset

    Four ways to distract America and Russia from their latest unpleasantness.

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    Readers write back.

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    Homophobic Fever

    In an unprecedented legislative and propaganda effort, authorities are exploiting Russia's latent homophobia to pass a flurry of laws sending Russia's LGBT community deeper into hiding, or even out of the country. Social Issues
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    Note Book

    Note Book

    From politics and sports to stats and quotable quotes.

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    Travel Notes

    Travel Notes

    Everything you need to know from the travel front.

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    Culture Shocks

    Several cultural institutions lost their longtime directors this summer in what appeared to be a massive firing spree by the Russian government.

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    Russian Calendar

    Sino-Soviet Split

    A look back at the spat between the USSR and China over liberalization and reform, with a poetic interlude offered by Vladimir Vysotsky.

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    Russian Calendar

    Dostoyevsky the Gambler

    In September 1863, Fyodor Dostoyevsky was desperate for money. The result was one of his finest works, the novel The Gambler. It would change the writer's fate in many ways.

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    Russian Calendar

    Demons on the Stage

    The 1913 staging of Dostoyevsky's Demons (as the play Nikolai Stavrogin caused a vehement argument between Russia's leading artistic theater and one of its leading writers.

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    Russian Calendar

    The Pavlov Response

    Catherine II's desire for legitimacy and her gratitude for the healing of her heir (the future Paul I), led to the founding of Moscow's Pavlov Hospital for the poor.

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    Survival Russian

    Oba-na, Snowden!

    Edward Snowden's arrival in Russia was a cause of discomfort for its leaders, but it is a great pretext for considering all sorts of linguistic pearls related to spying and whistleblowing.

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    Language Learning

    Ivan Sergeyevich Turgenev

    This issue's Uchites language learning section looks at the life and work of Ivan Turgenev, born October 28, 1818.
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    The Death Artist

    Sergei Merkurov created some of the Soviet Union’s most iconic sculptures. But he also had a shadow profession: casting death masks of the elite.

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    A Bounty of Apples

    A consideration of the storied antonovka apple, and a recipe for a delicate recipe, Souffleed Baked Apples.

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    Post Script

    Ten Tips for Edward Snowden

    Whistleblower and international fugitive Edward Snowden can take some lessons from past defectors to Russia on how to survive (and even prosper) there.

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