September/October 2010

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By the Shores of Issyk-Kul

One of the most impressive explorers in Russian history died on the shores of Lake Issyk-Kul, in present-day Kyrgyzstan. But, of course, there is much more to the life and story of Nikolai Przhevalsky.

Salmon Island

Sakhalin Island and the Russian Far East are home to one of the world’s most vital wild salmon populations, supplying nearly 20 percent of the North Pacific’s catch. Yet it is also in grave danger.

Moscow on the Thames

History would have been much different if Queen Elizabeth had accepted a proposal from Ivan IV in the sixteenth century. Nonetheless, London today bears the stamp of centuries of Russo-British interaction.

Departments and More

  • Russistan

    Readers of a publication called Russian Life may wonder why there is a picture of Kyrgyzstan on the magazine’s cover.

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    Letters to the Editor

    Readers comment and correct.

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    Note Book


    All the news that fits from all across Russia.

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    Note Book

    The Robin Hood Approach

    Demonstrations and violent clashes with the authorities seem to be on the rise, particularly around environmental issues.

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    Travel Notes

    Travel Notes

    The latest from the travel front.

  • 17
    Russian Calendar

    Sergei Yesenin

    Born 110 years ago, the poet Sergei Yesenin has repeatedly been the subject of a poetic personality cult.

  • 19
    Russian Calendar

    October Manifesto

    One hundred years ago, on October 17, 1905, Tsar Nicholas made what turned out to be an ineffective attempt to bolster democracy and save his throne.

  • 21
    Russian Calendar

    Khrushchev at the UN

    Where we look back and the now infamous incident of Khrushchev's shoe and the UN General Assembly.

  • 24
    Survival Russian

    Wearied by the Sun

    Where we consider Moscow's summer heat wave and its impact on language.

  • 26

    Bishkek and the Great Game

    Until a few months ago, Kyrgyzstan was just another quiet, corrupt, post-Soviet republic in Central Asia. But behind the curtain of obscurity, more challenging issues were simmering. Then, this past spring, things really started to get interesting.

  • 41

    Pushkin Turns 300

    Once the Romanovs’ summer home, Pushkin is a sleepy suburb of St. Petersburg with a storied history. And, thanks to the presence of royal palaces, it is also one of Russia’s most touristed towns.

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    Reading for the Fall

    Reviews of the books "When They Come for Us We’ll Be Gone" (Gal Beckerman), "The Holy Thief" (William Ryan), "Guardians" (Andy Freeberg) and "The Littlest Enemies" (Deborah Hoffman, trans.) and the two films "Miss Gulag" and "The Concert".

  • 64
    Post Script

    The Kremlinologist Catechism

    There is a catechism that dominates American discourse on Russia today, any many of its underlying assumptions are unsupported by facts, figures or statistics.

  • 65

    Uchites 08

    The eighth edition of our Uchites language insert, sponsored by Russkiy Mir Foundation, uses the life and poetry of poet Sergei Yesenin to explore word roots, verb aspects, word endings, the prefix/preposition "po", and more. Two recordings are also available online.


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