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Christ the Savior Cathedral & Romanov Canonization
August 09, 2001

Christ the Savior Cathedral & Romanov Canonization

The Russian Orthodox Church Council of Bishops voted in favor of canonization of Tsar Nicholas II and family on August 14, 2000.  The ceremony was held in the newly concecrated Christ the Savior Cathedral on Aug. 20.  The cornerstone of the cathedral was placed on Christmas, January 7, 1995.

The Calendar Issue
March 14, 2001

The Calendar Issue

A brief look at the often time confusing issue of the 'old' and 'new' calendars used by Russia and the Russian Orthodox Church. This article contains links to indepth and more technical material on the subject.

Shaman and Native Mysticism
August 18, 2000

Shaman and Native Mysticism

The term Shaman is both a noun and a verb. It is from the Tungus language and is seen as saman or haman. The actions of the Shaman are, what western explorers referred to as, Shamanism. It is the oldest known demonstration of human spirituality.

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