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Did Stakhanov Act Alone?
August 30, 2015

Did Stakhanov Act Alone?

By Eugenia Sokolskaya

Alexei Stakhanov mined 102 tons of coal in under 6 hours, sparking the Stakhanovite movement. But did he really do it all by himself, by his own initiative? The son of a miner from Blagoveshchensk recalls evidence of unnamed assistants and fishy bureaucratic orders.

Ruble Rabble: The Kremlin's Grand Strategy
December 17, 2014

Ruble Rabble: The Kremlin's Grand Strategy

By Paul E. Richardson

World oil prices are plummeting, the ruble is in free fall, the Russian economy is on the brink of a recession, inflation is climbing, and the Russian Central Bank’s benchmark interest rate has jumped to 17 percent. Meanwhile, President Putin still has popularity ratings in the 80 percent range and there is, seemingly, no panic in the streets of Moscow. What is going on? What is Putin’s game? 

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