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Why They Stayed
July 15, 2022

Why They Stayed

In the wake of Russia’s launching of its Ukraine War, an estimated 150,000+ young Russians have fled the country. We talked to a few who have stayed.

Liberated from Home
June 01, 2022

Liberated from Home

It was a very happy life, because we lived in peace, tranquility. And the fact that our acquaintances from Russia and relatives say that we were infringed upon in some way [by the Ukrainian authorities] is not true. We lived and rejoiced, made plans for the future. And now the 'liberators' have come and 'liberated' from all the good that was in our lives. Ruined, or rather, want to ruin our lives."

–  Julia, a nurse in Severodonetsk, a city in Donbass
A Priest's Life Hack for Marital Strife
February 16, 2022

A Priest's Life Hack for Marital Strife

If you had a fight with your wife, then you should ask for forgiveness like this: 'Darling, please forgive me for asking you to marry me….' There is a real chance that suddenly your wife will smile and forgive you. True, wives are unpredictable in their grievancesyou can die from violence.”

– A Russian priest's "life hack" for marital struggles.
Dead Morose: Never Too Late for the New Year
January 05, 2022

Dead Morose: Never Too Late for the New Year

"Thank God no one is writing any filth. Everything somehow really worked out very soulfully. This kind of thing is a sincere message from one to the other."

–  A representative of the Omsk ritual company “Heritage,” explaining the response to a New Year’s letter-writing campaign for the deceased, headed by a very punny Dead Morose.

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