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The Yeltsin Legacy
January 23, 2008

The Yeltsin Legacy

By Leon Aron

As Russia readies for its first, post-Yeltsin presidential election, Yeltsin biographer Leon Aron offers thoughts on the Russian leader's legacy.

Putin Selected as Person of the Year
December 19, 2007

Putin Selected as Person of the Year

By Paul E. Richardson

In a previous post and VPR commentary, I related how my friend Boris in Moscow speculated that, after the December Duma election, Russia would hold a national referendum and appoint Putin Tsar. Apparently TIME magazine beat Russia to the punch.

Political Trade Offs
October 26, 2001

Political Trade Offs

By Linda DeLaine

Russia deserves concessions from the US in return for its support regarding Afghanistan and other issues.  Should Putin have secured this political payments up front?  What, if anything, will he take home from the November summit?

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