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27 April 2017

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Darya Grebenshchikova

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Darya Grebenshchikova Darya Grebenshchikova was born in Moscow to the unlikely couple of a white émigré father who returned to the Soviet Union and a mother who was from a family of Nizhny Novgorod merchants. She was educated as a stage artist at the MKhAT Drama School and worked at the Lenkom Theater as a costume artist before, in the 1990s, accidentally buying a house in a tiny village of Sheshurino with her husband, and then overcoming her fear of cows and dark forests. She has lived there ever since, enjoying the company of the last three remaining babushka neighbors.

Nikolayev and Lyuska

Russian Life: Mar/Apr 2017
“Nikolayev hated the cat, wet socks, and his mother-in-law.”
Author: Darya Grebenshchikova
Translator: Liv Bliss
Illustrations/Images: Asya Lisina

Sheshurino, Boy & Mishka Sparrowlegs

Russian Life: Jan/Feb 2017
Our first of several visits to a remote village, through the eyes of Darya Grebenshchikova.
Author: Darya Grebenshchikova
Illustrations/Images: Asya Lisina