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Aylmer Maude

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Aylmer Maude (1858-1938) was working in Moscow as director of the Anglo-Russian Carpet Company when he met and married Louise Maude (1855-1939), one of six children of the expatriate British businessman James Stewart Shanks, co-owner of a jewelry business and English store. The couple lived for many years in Moscow, became close friends with Leo Tolstoy, and spent the last 40 years of their lives translating and promoting his work from England. Tolstoy thought highly of the Maudes’ translations, saying better translators “could not be invented.”

War and Peace

Chtenia: Fall 2017
The wolf hunting scene.
Author: Lev Tolstoy
Translator: Louise Maude and Aylmer Maude

The Living Corpse

Chtenia: Summer 2016
Act 1, Scene 2 (excerpt)
Author: Lev Tolstoy
Translator: Aylmer Maude