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Serge Zenkovsky

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SERGE ZENKOVSKY (1907-1990) was Professor Emeritus of Slavic Civilization and Literatures at Vanderbilt University, having previously taught at Indiana University, Harvard University, Stetson University, the University of Colorado, the University of Wisconsin, and Heidelberg University (Germany). Born in Kiev to a prominent economist, Zenkovsky fled with his family after the Russian Revolution and studied in Paris and Prague before finally entering American academia in 1950. He is the author of numerous studies of Russian history and literature, and his pioneering anthology Medieval Russia’s Epics, Chronicles, and Tales (1963, 1st ed.) is required reading in Slavic doctoral programs. Shortly before his death, Zenkovsky, along with his wife, completed a translation of the five-volume Nikonian Chronicle, a monumental work compiled in sixteenth century Moscow that traces Russian history from its earliest beginnings in the ninth century through the year 1520.


Chtenia: Winter 2016
An ancient heroic tale.
Author: Sofony of Ryazan
Translator: Serge Zenkovsky