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Kir Bulychev

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Kir Bulychev (1934-2003) was the pen name of Igor Mozheiko, a prolific Soviet science fiction writer who wrote for adults and children alike. He spent his professional career as an expert on Burmese history at the Institute of Oriental Studies in Moscow, penning hundreds of novels and short stories on the side. The author of more than 20 scripts, Bulychev is the Russian science fiction author who has been most widely adapted to film.

The Unworthy Knight

Chtenia: Spring 2016
When you awaken the past, it is bound mess with the present, to say nothing of the future.
Author: Kir Bulychev
Translator: Nina Shevchuk-Murray


Chtenia: Spring 2015
It is the 200th anniversary of an attempt to humanize apes, with surprising effect...
Author: Kir Bulychev
Translator: Yvonne Howell