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Vladimir Gilyarovsky

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Vladimir Gilyarovsky VLADIMIR GILYAROVSKY (1855-1935), also known as "Uncle Gilya," has been widely hailed as Russia's "king of journalists." After fleeing home at the age of 15, he worked in various professions for a decade before ending up in Moscow. From 1880 to his death, he worked as a journalist based in the capital, reporting on all layers of society, with a particular focus on the city’s seamy underbelly. His masterwork, Moscow and Muscovites, has just been translated into English for the first time, and is excerpted in this issue.


Chtenia: Winter 2014
One of the most famous chapters from this classic work, about the seamy underbelly of Moscow at the turn of the last century.
Author: Vladimir Gilyarovsky
Translator: Brendan Kiernan

Night on Tsvetnoy Boulevard

Russian Life: Nov/Dec 2013
In this excerpt and preview from the forthcoming Moscow and Muscovites we hear of Gilyarovsky's harrowing nighttime adventure along a Moscow boulevard.
Author: Vladimir Gilyarovsky
Translator: Brendan Kiernan
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