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Mikhail Zoshchenko

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Mikhail Zoshchenko MIKHAIL ZOSHCHENKO (1895-1958) was a remarkable writer, especially popular in the 1930s for his satirical stories that skewered Soviet reality. Zoshchenko sought to conceptualize what was new and positive in Soviet life, seeking a completely new language to describe it, one that was simple and “naked,” in compact sentences that were, in his words “accessible to the poor.” In 1946, along with Anna Akhmatova and others, he was subjected to severe official criticism. After Stalin’s death, he refused to acknowledge his guilt and, despite the Khrushchevian Thaw, was subjected to further persecution, which contributed to years of ill health prior to his death.

Domestic Bliss

Chtenia: Spring 2017
Zoshchenko addresses the “women’s emancipation” effort that led to the creation of canteens, kindergartens and other social services meant to free women from traditional housework and thereby grant them a happy and dignified life.
Author: Mikhail Zoshchenko
Translator: Jeremy Hicks

Before Sunrise

Chtenia: Summer 2014
A powerful first-hand account of his time at the front, which surely influenced this great satirist's views on human nature.
Author: Mikhail Zoshchenko
Translator: Gary Kern


Chtenia: Winter 2009

Author: Mikhail Zoshchenko
Translator: Paul E. Richardson
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