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Vladimir Sorokin

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Vladimir Sorokin was born in the town of Bykovo, near Moscow, in 1955. He graduated from the Moscow Institute of Oil and Gas and for several years earned his living drawing illustrations for books by other authors. He gained his first literary experiences in the early 1970s. His works are vivid examples of the underground culture and thus could not be published in his homeland during the Soviet era. In 1985 a Parisian journal published a collection of six of his stories. That same year his novel The Queue was also published. In 1989, Russian Grandmother was published in Germany, and his works also began to be published in the USSR. Sorokin’s works, in particular his novels – The Queue, Marina’s Thirty Loves(1987), The Norm (1994) – are consistently countercultural in style and contain shocking naturalistic scenes that parody the literature of Socialist Realism. His books have been translated into at least 10 languages.

Black Horse with a White Eye

Chtenia: Summer 2012

Author: Vladimir Sorokin
Translator: Deborah Hoffman
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Marfusha's Joy

Chtenia: Winter 2009

Author: Vladimir Sorokin
Translator: Nora Seligman Favorov
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