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Samuel L. Scheib

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Samuel L. Scheib Samuel L. Scheib first ventured behind the Iron Curtain when he was posted as a Marine embassy guard in Budapest, followed by a posting in Minsk. In college he studied music, history, Russian and the humanities, and later studied composition at the St. Petersburg State Conservatory, under Sergei Slonemsky. He changed gears slightly when six weeks of using the Moscow Metro convinced him to earn a master's degree in urban and regional planning. He founded the web publication tripplanner.

Elephantine Ambitions

Russian Life: Nov/Dec 2011
For 30 years, an art gallery in the shadow of Denver’s Union Station has been a showcase for modern Russian art – works that are definitely turning heads and exciting emotion.
Author: Samuel L. Scheib
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A World Apart

Russian Life: Nov/Dec 2005
For 70 years, the Moscow Metro has pulsed below the surface of the capital, transporting workers and visitors, shoppers and students between stations that look more like palaces than public transport sites.
Author: Samuel L. Scheib
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