November 28, 2011

Contest Winners Announced

Contest Winners Announced

It took a bit longer than we expected (the mail was rather slow moving in both directions), but the results are in for our 55th Anniversary Subscriber Contest. 

A total of 749 entries were received by way of new and renewing subscriptions in the month of October (and a bit into November; did we mention the mail was moving slowly?), and from those entries we did a random selection of 55 names [that's a 1 in 14 chance of winning!], then a random, blind assignment of names to prizes. The grand prize winner of the Kindle e-Reader is Lydia Daugherty! Congratulations Lydia and to all 54 other winners, who are listed below.

In all, over $1200 in prizes are being sent out this week. And we extend a special thanks to the companies who generously donated prizes to this give-away. Be sure to follow the links below to see what other things they have on offer.


LYDIA DAUGHERTY New generation Amazon Kindle with built-in wi-fi Amazon
Barbara Hawkins Linen Wrap Robe Russia House Collection
D Pida Linen Bath Sheet Russia House Collection
PHILIP WHITBECK Linen Tea Towels Russia House Collection
Jane Schuettner Quiet Flows the Don Kino
JOYCE STERKEL Laminated Map of Russia and the Republics RIS
Jorge Meza The Sky is Falling, by Caroline Adderson Thomas Allen
Erik Vaeli 2 Sets of Russian Holiday Cards RIS
Father Mina Battleship Potemkin DVD remastered Kino
DAVID ROGERS Bloodlands, Europe Between Hitler and Stalin, by Timothy Snyder Basic Books
Norma Johnson 8 Pieces of Empire, by Lawrence Sheets Crown Books
SYNTHIA SKAVDAHL The Frogs Who Begged for a Tsar RIS
Trudy Hill Life Stories RIS
Shalynn WOMACK The Insulted and the Injured, by Fyodor Dostoyevsky Eerdmans
Arlene Hudson Jews in Service to the Tsar, by Lev Berdnikov RIS
DARRELL BORDEAUX Matryoshka Salt and Pepper Set
RUTH BARRON Marooned in Moscow, by Marguerite Harrison RIS
JAMES R SKOVE The Little Golden Calf, by Ilya Ilf and Evgeny Petrov RIS
Stephen Powell Tchaikovsky's Fourth Symphony Russian National Orchestra
MATT STAGLIANO Mussorgsky: Pictures at an Exhibition Russian National Orchestra
Gregory Kerr Ostap Bender ToteBag "Don't Crowd My Psyche!" RIS
Carol Horan Little Pim's Wake up Smiling language learning DVD for children Little Pim
Michael Wolfe The Chukchi Bible, by Yuri Rythkheu Archipelago Books
ARTHUR BARRETT The New Moscow Philosophy, by Vyacheslav Pyetsukh TSP
Tom Leonard Fish, by Peter Aleshkovsky RIS
Anna Sidorenko Matryoshka Egg Cup
MR- WM FITZSIMMONS Vermont maple syrup from Morse Farm Morse Farm
Marlene Zimmer Separate Kingdoms, by Valerie Laken Harper Perennial
ELISE CANFIELD The Suitcase, by Sergei Dovlatov Counterpoint
KIM GRAY Little Pim's Wake up Smiling language learning DVD for children Little Pim
Victoria Rennie Little Pim's Wake up Smiling language learning DVD for children Little Pim
Stanley Adams Matryoshka Magnets, Keychain and Doll
Lisa Fugate 2 Sets of Russian Holiday Cards RIS
Sonia Palkes Best of Russian Life - 2 vols RIS
FAMILY MEYER Oxford Russian-English Picture Dictionary Oxford University Press
Glen Kwiatkowski  Life Stories RIS
Jim King Russian Life 2012 Wall Calendar RIS
BILL RUEFLE Russian Life 2012 Wall Calendar RIS
Tamara Lerner Russian Life 2012 Wall Calendar RIS
Tessa Payne Russian Life 2012 Wall Calendar RIS
Tanya Blumenthal Russian Life 2012 Wall Calendar RIS
Toby Burke Russian Life 2012 Wall Calendar RIS
Joyce Hart Russian Life 2012 Wall Calendar RIS
FELICIANO FERRER Russian Life 2012 Wall Calendar RIS
Dr Quirino Balzano Russian Life 2012 Wall Calendar RIS
J H ROUSE Russian Life 2012 Wall Calendar RIS
SCOTT JOHNSON Russian Life 2012 Wall Calendar RIS
Dasha Siperly Russian Life 2012 Wall Calendar RIS
LETTY OWINGS Russian Life 2012 Wall Calendar RIS
Mr H Greenwood Russian Life 2012 Wall Calendar RIS
MRS HELEN BOGOLUBOV Russian Life 2012 Wall Calendar RIS
Oleg Schidlowsky Russian Life 2012 Wall Calendar RIS
JOHANNA TRYLKO Russian Life 2012 Wall Calendar RIS
Carolyn Gottis Russian Life 2012 Wall Calendar RIS


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Some of Our Books

Survival Russian

Survival Russian

Survival Russian is an intensely practical guide to conversational, colloquial and culture-rich Russian. It uses humor, current events and thematically-driven essays to deepen readers’ understanding of Russian language and culture. This enlarged Second Edition of Survival Russian includes over 90 essays and illuminates over 2000 invaluable Russian phrases and words.
The Frogs Who Begged for a Tsar

The Frogs Who Begged for a Tsar

The fables of Ivan Krylov are rich fonts of Russian cultural wisdom and experience – reading and understanding them is vital to grasping the Russian worldview. This new edition of 62 of Krylov’s tales presents them side-by-side in English and Russian. The wonderfully lyrical translations by Lydia Razran Stone are accompanied by original, whimsical color illustrations by Katya Korobkina.
The Latchkey Murders

The Latchkey Murders

Senior Lieutenant Pavel Matyushkin is back on the case in this prequel to the popular mystery Murder at the Dacha, in which a serial killer is on the loose in Khrushchev’s Moscow...
At the Circus

At the Circus

This wonderful novella by Alexander Kuprin tells the story of the wrestler Arbuzov and his battle against a renowned American wrestler. Rich in detail and characterization, At the Circus brims with excitement and life. You can smell the sawdust in the big top, see the vivid and colorful characters, sense the tension build as Arbuzov readies to face off against the American.
Russia Rules

Russia Rules

From the shores of the White Sea to Moscow and the Northern Caucasus, Russian Rules is a high-speed thriller based on actual events, terrifying possibilities, and some really stupid decisions.
Moscow and Muscovites

Moscow and Muscovites

Vladimir Gilyarovsky's classic portrait of the Russian capital is one of Russians’ most beloved books. Yet it has never before been translated into English. Until now! It is a spectactular verbal pastiche: conversation, from gutter gibberish to the drawing room; oratory, from illiterates to aristocrats; prose, from boilerplate to Tolstoy; poetry, from earthy humor to Pushkin. 
A Taste of Russia

A Taste of Russia

The definitive modern cookbook on Russian cuisine has been totally updated and redesigned in a 30th Anniversary Edition. Layering superbly researched recipes with informative essays on the dishes' rich historical and cultural context, A Taste of Russia includes over 200 recipes on everything from borshch to blini, from Salmon Coulibiac to Beef Stew with Rum, from Marinated Mushrooms to Walnut-honey Filled Pies. A Taste of Russia shows off the best that Russian cooking has to offer. Full of great quotes from Russian literature about Russian food and designed in a convenient wide format that stays open during use.
Fearful Majesty

Fearful Majesty

This acclaimed biography of one of Russia’s most important and tyrannical rulers is not only a rich, readable biography, it is also surprisingly timely, revealing how many of the issues Russia faces today have their roots in Ivan’s reign.
The Pet Hawk of the House of Abbas

The Pet Hawk of the House of Abbas

This exciting new trilogy by a Russian author – who has been compared to Orhan Pamuk and Umberto Eco – vividly recreates a lost world, yet its passions and characters are entirely relevant to the present day. Full of mystery, memorable characters, and non-stop adventure, The Pet Hawk of the House of Abbas is a must read for lovers of historical fiction and international thrillers.  
White Magic

White Magic

The thirteen tales in this volume – all written by Russian émigrés, writers who fled their native country in the early twentieth century – contain a fair dose of magic and mysticism, of terror and the supernatural. There are Petersburg revenants, grief-stricken avengers, Lithuanian vampires, flying skeletons, murders and duels, and even a ghostly Edgar Allen Poe.

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