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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Bogeyman

by Paul E. Richardson

Yeah, baby, Russia's still got it...

When it comes to bogeymen, China, Cuba, even North Korea can't hold a candle to old Mother Russia.

This week, as tempers flared and theatrical protests abounded around health care, a woman offered this irrational take on proposed reforms at a town hall meeting led by Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter:

"This is about the dismantling of this country," Katy Abram, 35, shouted at Mr. Specter, drawing one of the most prolonged rounds of applause. "We don't want this country to turn into Russia."

Meanwhile, back in Moscow, the Russian military has announced plans to upgrade its ABM capabilities by 2020, to ward off impending US attacks from space.

It is just me, or has it suddenly gotten colder in here...?

Note to Obama: Flip the protesters' argument. Health care reform is about making Americans safe from its enemies, about preserving the American way of life, about avoiding a freefall into the abyss of "just-like-Russian-ness"...