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11 December 2018

  The world’s biggest country, in a magazine. Since 1956.

Digital Subscriptions

Russian Life is a bimonthly trip to the heart of Russian reality.

Now you can take that trip digitally...

For nearly 60 years, Russian Life has been delivering great stories in print on Russian culture, history, society and life to readers in the U.S., Canada, and in over 50 countries. Now you can get your subscription delivered right to your iPad, Kindle Fire, iPhone or other digital device. No more waiting for postal delivery!

Follow the links at left (or above) to select your preferred digital delivery system.


What is different about the digital editions?

The digital editions available for iPad, iPhone and Android are mostly digital clones of the print edition, but will increasingly have cool digital enhancements, like videos, audio and interactive links and additional features. The digital edition for the Kindle (not Kindle Fire, which is like that for iPad) is mainly just the text of the issue, with a few photos.

Do print subscribers get the digital edition free?

No. Despite what you hear from the media, "digital" does not mean that delivery or production is free. It costs considerable time and effort to create digital editions of Russian Life, so we can't give them away, no matter how much we value our loyal print subscribers.

What is more, the digital editions are not being sold directly by us, but by Amazon or Apple, and there is no way for us to synchronize their sales database with our own. 

Each type of subscription delivery has its own economics, and we have priced both the print and digital subscriptions as fairly as we know how. 

What about a discounted price for print subscribers?

We hope to be able to make this a reality at some point in the future. It sounds like it should be an easy thing, right? But it's actually surprisingly complex. Rest assured we are working on it...