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Saturday, September 22, 2001


by Linda DeLaine

Czarist Origins of Communism
Brief page discusses the peasant system in Emperial Russia.

The Differentiation of the Peasantry
Excerpt from the complete on-line text of The Development of Capitalism in Russia, written by V.I. Lenin in 1896-99.

Emancipation Edict
Document issued by Tsar Alexander II in 1861, freeing the peasants from their servitude to their noble landlords.

Origin, Growth and Abolition of Personal Servitude
Lecture regarding Russian peasantry, delivered by Maxime Kovalevsky, in 1891. This lecture was part of a series titled, Modern Customs and Ancient Laws of Russia.

Russian Agrarian History and Soviet Debates on the Peasantry
Scholarly article and chronological chart on the subject of the Russian peasant and the Revolution.

The Russian Post-Emancipation Household
Two Villages in the Moscow Area; excellent Masters thesis written in 1995 by Herdis Kolle, University of Bergin.