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Tuesday, November 01, 2016


by Evgeny Serov

Name: Evgeniy Serov

Age: 32

Profession: Legal consultant

City: Magadan

How long have you been doing photography? About 7 years.

What style or genre most interests you?  I've tried different styles, from weddings and portraiture, to street and landscape photography.

Can you give us a short description of your city? Where is it located? What is it famous for?

Magadan was founded in 1929 as a base for transfering Gulag prisoners who arrived by sea to work at the Kolyma gold mine. The city is situated between Gertnera and Nagayeva bays, in the Magadanskaya oblast territory, on the coast of the Sea of ​​Okhotsk.

What are some things that only locals would know about the city?

Magadan is a very windy town. According to some accounts, the origin of the name "Mongdan" -(windy place) comes from the Evenk language.

The climate in Magadan is harsh, with short summers, which accounts for the period of "white nights" that persist throughout the summer: a time when the sun barely sets below the horizon.

In 1968, the famous soviet singer Vladimir Vysotsky came to Magadan to visit a friend. After this trip, Vystotsky produced the song "My Friend went to Magadan"

Some say that the main street of the city - Lenin street - is the longest street in the world (2930 km), because it connects to the Kolyma federal road, also known as "The Road of Bones".

Which places or sites are a must for someone to see if they visit your city?

In Magadan you should definitely visit the two bays, Gertnera and Nagayeva, to see the spectacular views of the sea. The second place worth a visit is the monument to victims of the Gulag repressions: "Mask of Sorrow." In addition, regional museums have great historical expositions.

Instagram: @eugenserov

  • Hills

    Magadan is surrounded by hills. Locals calls them sopki. Any direction you look, you see hills on the horizon. Or the sea. Evgeny Serov / @eugenserov

  • Okhotsk

    Magadan is located at the opposite side from Kaliningrad of our great Motherland - in the Russian Far East. From both sides the city is surrounded by the Sea of Okhotsk. Evgeny Serov / @eugenserov

  • Summer

    People spend the last warm days of summer at the sea coast. Evgeny Serov / @eugenserov

  • Paraglider

    Paraglider gets ready to fly at the Nyukla beach. Evgeny Serov / @eugenserov

  • Kite

    Parent and child flying a kite on the ice of frozen bay. Evgeny Serov / @eugenserov

  • Seymchan

    Near Seymchan (80 km) is Ust'-Srendekanskaya HHP. Evgeny Serov / @eugenserov

  • Fishing

    People fishing from a wrecked ship during full tide. Evgeny Serov / @eugenserov

  • Shore

    Frozen shoreline of the Sea of Okhotsk.
    Evgeny Serov / @eugenserov

  • Markets

    Chinese markets were really popular in Magadan (like at the whole Russian Far East). Now open-air markets are closing and salespeople are moving to markets inside buildings. Evgeny Serov / @eugenserov

  • Ice Wall

    Ice wall on the Sea of Okhotsk shoreline. A freezing mountain stream creates a beautiful ice wall.
    Evgeny Serov / @eugenserov

  • Farmer

    Farmer selling last harvest at the local market. Evgeny Serov / @eugenserov

  • Dog

    It's not rare to meet a dog wearing a warm suit in winter. Evgeny Serov / @eugenserov

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