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1. Hairy Hijinks

“Find someone who’s tall, get him to put on a suit, turn the fur inside out and run around in crowded places, shout so that the tourists will notice – but they won’t catch him. Of course, then you must mark him and let him be silent, so he won’t blurt out anything unnecessary somewhere."

– On April 10, former governor of Kemerovo Oblast Aman Tuleyev admitted to dalliances with a local legend. Ten years prior to his confession, Tuleyev arranged a rendezvous at Azasskaya Cave in the Shoria Mountains with none other than Bigfoot. While the furry darling shied away, Tuleyev was nevertheless charmed.

Tags: aman tuleyev, azasskaya cave, shoria mountains, kemerovo, yeti, bigfoot, bigfoot day
2. New Zealand, Nuke Names, and New 'dos

Grudinin shaves the ‘stache, the other election results are in, and New Zealand struggles to offend Russia.

Tags: Yekaterinburg, Kemerovo
By Irina Bukharin

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