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1. Pres. Putin's Response to US ABM Withdrawal

Complete English text of President Putin's official response to the December 13, 2001, announcement of the withdrawal from the ABM Treaty by the US.

Tags: russia, putin, ABM, speech
2. Political Trade Offs

Russia deserves concessions from the US in return for its support regarding Afghanistan and other issues.  Should Putin have secured this political payments up front?  What, if anything, will he take home from the November summit?

Tags: bush, putin, abm, nmd
By Linda DeLaine
3. U.S. Withdrawal from the ABM Treaty

Russia's stance on the issue of the ABM Treaty vs. the U.S. NMD program has well understood and consistant for some time.  On December 13, 2001, President Bush officially announced his nation's withdrawal from the treaty.  The short and long term consequences are heavily debated and yet to be seen.

Tags: russia, missile defense, ABM
By Linda DeLaine
4. Russia's Military Today

Today's Russian military and the status of the ABM and START II treaties.  Written in October, 1999.

Tags: abm, start, treaties, nonproliferation
By Linda DeLaine

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