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21. Alexandra and the Romanovs

The last Tsarina of Russia and her role in the fall of the dynasty.

Tags: russian, alexandra, rasputin, romanov
By Linda DeLaine
22. Anton Chekhov

A brief look at the life and works of Russia's famous writer and dramatist.

Tags: chekhov, playwrite, writers, russian
By Linda DeLaine
23. Russian Trivia Quiz 3
Tags: russian, history, quiz
By Linda DeLaine
24. Russian Trivia Quiz 2
Tags: russian, history, quiz
By Linda DeLaine
25. Century of Rebellion; Years of Tsar Alexi

After the Time of Troubles and the beginning of the Romanov Dynasty (1613), Russia saw a century characterized by rebellion and war.

Tags: alexie romanov, history, russian
By Linda DeLaine
26. End of an Era

The presidency and life of former President Boris Yeltsin who resigned on December 31, 1999.

Tags: russian, history, yeltsin
By Linda DeLaine
27. Role of Women in Russian Cooking

Today, the wonderful, hearty and traditional recipes and meals of the Russian table can be attributed to the efforts of Russian women to provide sustenance and nurturing to their families.

Tags: russian, women, cooking, cuisine
By Linda DeLaine
28. Golden Khokhloma

Unique and enchanting folk art from the region of Transvolga.

Tags: russian, khokhloma, folkart
By Linda DeLaine
29. Russia's Troubled Times

Russia's turbulent Time of Trouble, period between the Rurik and Romanov Dynasties.

Tags: russian, history, time of troubles
By Linda DeLaine
30. Food and Nutrition
Tags: russian, cuisine
By Linda DeLaine

Displaying: 21 - 30 of 30

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