September 01, 2019


Losses in Russian GDP in the five years that western sanctions have been in effect (2014-2017). Some 134 energy companies, 117 banks, 59 firms in the defense sector, and 113 other companies are on the sanctions blacklist. In addition, Russia’s “counter-sanctions” embargoing Western produce is costing Western exporting countries about $8 billion per year. Russia’s share in global arms exports also fell from 27% to 21% in the five year span. {RBK}

The number of dog breeds and mixes that Russia has added to a legal register as “potentially dangerous.” Under the new rules, if dogs on this list injure someone, it could trigger probe of the dog’s owner. Included on the register are the Pitbull Mastiff, the Brazilian bulldog, the Akbash guardian dog, and many others.

The current estimated damage done by Russian wildfires in the first six months of 2019 ($36.8 million). This, however, does not include the July and August megafires – see page 6. {Russian Audit Chamber}

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