May 01, 2018

Veteran Lives

Veteran Lives
Tea Drinking Sasha Sokolova

Artist Sasha Sokolova has undertaken a personal, artistic and cultural project to document the daily life of Russia’s remaining war veterans, including that of her grandfather, who is also her mentor and teacher, through her paintings. 

Sokolova’s exhibition will be shown at the Pop Up Museum in Moscow during May 8-27, 2018. Russian Life readers can get a taste of it below. 

Born November 25, 1925, in Pyatigorsk. He fought on the front lines in the North Caucasus in 1943. At first he fought in an infantry unit, and then, after a short training, became a flamethrower operator. He participated in the defense of the North Caucasus, in the defense of Malaya Zemlya, in the liberation of Crimea, Dzhankoy, Simferopol and Sevastopol, in the storming of Sapun Mountain, and in the liberation of Romania, Austria, Germany, and Czechoslovakia. On Victory Day he was in Prague.

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