May 01, 2018

Missing Galina

Our children of 1917 project was completed in March with the publication of the book Resilience (the film was released last November). We then began considering which of the “heroes” from the book we should share in the pages of Russian Life.

When you have so much material, so many great stories, how do you pick just one?

Should we include the story of Lyubov Pakhomova, who in 1941 fled a collective farm in Siberia to work on a peat farm in western Russia, because there they were paying cash instead of in kind? Or should we feature Marina Goncharova, who spent her working life as a military doctor, with postings from Kamchatka to Chechnya? Or maybe Maria Yevstafeva, the seemingly unassuming village communications worker who was a recruiter for the anti-Nazi resistance? Or why not Sabiryan Asfandiyarov, the tank driver who survived the liberation of Eastern Europe, or Nikolai Treskin, the Irkutsk mechanic who served in the dangerous job of mine layer/defuser outside St. Petersburg?

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