March 01, 1998

Dishes to Wow the Women

Our readers already know that, in Russia, March 8 is the national holiday commonly known as “Women’s Day.” It is a day when men show the women in their lives appreciation through gifts of chocolate and flowers.

This day is pleasant for women for another reason too. A large part of Russia’s male population considers housework to be an exclusively female occupation. Cooking dinner, taking out the trash – this is not the work of a “real man.” But even the most die-hard principles are relaxed on March 8. On this day, Russian men make a touching effort to do the housework for their wives – to wash the floors and do the dishes. The culmination of all this is the preparation of dinner, and not just any food, but some sort of special recipe. For example, meat with prunes – served either as a main meal or a cold appetizer (as it was often presented in Soviet restaurants). This dish is not simple to prepare, but it is a great way to prove to the women that men do know how to cook after all. If they want to, that is.

Here, we offer three different recipes for preparing meat with prunes. So, men, put on your aprons, and ladies, forget about the cholesterol and dig in. You deserve it!

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