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1. See Siberia by Train, Virtually

A new video game takes players across Siberia amidst the Russian Civil War.

Tags: russian revolution, russian civil war, history, video game
2. Biopics: Monarchs, Heroes, and Their Fans

Eleven recent biopics highlight fascinating histories of Russians of ages past.

Tags: biography, russian revolution, Ivan the Terrible, movies, history, film
3. A Revolutionary Restoration

After almost ten years, the Alexander Palace, the final home of the Romanovs, is back and open for visitors.

Tags: palaces, st. petersburg, romanov, russian revolution, travel
4. The Other Russian Revolution

What do you know about the Russian Revolution of 1905? Are you surprised to hear that there was one in 1905, not just in 1917? Then this article is for you!

Tags: revolution, russian revolution, 1905
By Eugenia Sokolskaya
5. Peace, Land, Bread

Peace! Land! Bread! This was the battle cry of the 1917 October Revolution (old calendar) that changed the history of Russia and indeed the entire world. Since the time of Ivan the Terrible, the tsars concentrated on centralization of their power and control. The most common way of doing this was to take power away from the nobility, appeasing them by giving them dominion over their land and workers. This soon developed into the oppressive, slave-style condition known as serfdom.

Tags: russia, history, russian revolution
By Linda DeLaine and Evgenia Sokolskaya
6. Day of Accord and Reconciliation

Celebrated on November 7, this Russian holiday used to be called Revolution Day and was the most important holiday during the Soviet Era.

Tags: russian revolution, holiday, 1917
By Linda DeLaine

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