Yuliya Ballou

Yuliya Ballou has been a Russian language teacher for ten years. She was born and raised in Russia but now lives in Vermont.


Мафия рулит! (или Итальянский в России) (November/December 2021)
From Germany with Love (September/October 2021)
"А знаешь, всё ещё будет!" (July/August 2021)
Save Your Soul! (May/June 2021)
Стой там, иди сюда! (March/April 2021)
"Не живёте, потому что нельзя это жизнью назвать." (January/February 2021)
Russian Tongue Twisters (November/December 2020)
Words are not Sparrows (September/October 2020)
Пусть всегда будет солнце! (July/August 2020)
Russian/Soviet War Movies You Can Stream (The Blog)
We Will Survive! (May/June 2020)
Russian Shapes (March/April 2020)
Как снег на голову! (January/February 2020)
Спят усталые игрушки (November/December 2019)
For the Love of Trees (September/October 2019)
Just a Second... (July/August 2019)
The Genitive Case, or "If you have no aunt" (May/June 2019)
Diamond Arm at 50 (March/April 2019)
Love and Separation (January/February 2019)
The Incomparable Uspensky (November/December 2018)
Get a Grip! (September/October 2018)
Proverbs and Sayings (July/August 2018)
A Song About Paintings (May/June 2018)
Birds in Russian (Words are not Sparrows)
French in Russian (January/February 2022)


Love and Parting (Love and Separation)

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