Yevgenia Volunkova

Yevgenia Volunkova worked for many years as a journalist in Karelia, Russia’s northern republic that borders Finland. Then she moved to the Volga region and worked for four years as the editor of the most popular paper in Samara. Since 2017 she has been working as a special correspondent for the online publication, Takie Dela (“How Things Are”). She lives in Moscow but travels frequently around Russia, writing about people living in remote regions. She also writes about Russia’s social issues and doggedly maintains that high-quality journalism can change the world for the better. 


The Birdmen (January/February 2022)
Fate's Debt Register (September/October 2021)
Restoring the Future (January/February 2021)
All That Remains (November/December 2020)
Not the End of the World (January/February 2020)
Making His Mark Among the Living (May/June 2019)
Women at the Top of the World (March/April 2019)


Fate's Debt Register (September/October 2021)
All That Remains (November/December 2020)
Women at the Top of the World (March/April 2019)

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