Victor Bogorad

VICTOR BOGORAD is an illustrator and artist who lives and works in St. Petersburg.


Cheap Toads (January/February 2022)
It's Now or Never (November/December 2021)
Dumb and Dumber (July/August 2021)
Presidential Patty Cakes (May/June 2021)
Dealing with Stress (March/April 2021)
2020 in Words (January/February 2021)
Leap Year Language (November/December 2020)
Setting the Table (September/October 2020)
The Year of the Crown (July/August 2020)
Opening the Floodgates (May/June 2020)
Whatever it is, we're against it (March/April 2020)
Ringing in the Plump New Year (January/February 2020)
Baby, It's Cold Inside (November/December 2019)
Climate Chaos and Fall Colors (September/October 2019)
No, Nicely (July/August 2019)
Spring has (Not) Sprung (May/June 2019)
Funny Little Characters (March/April 2019)
Are You Old-School or New-Format? (January/February 2019)
How Can I Thank You Enough? (November/December 2018)
What's So Funny? (September/October 2018)
Those Lyin' Eyes (July/August 2018)
The Gentle Art of Borrowing (May/June 2018)
Are You Out of Your Mind? (March/April 2018)
Words of the Year (January/February 2018)
Home is Where Your Residence Permit Is (November/December 2017)
Rebooting Conversations (September/October 2017)
I Spit On You (July/August 2017)
You Deserve a Break (May/June 2017)
What Did He Say? (March/April 2017)
The Year in Words (January/February 2017)
Tomorrow is Another Day (November/December 2016)
Stumping for Trump, Lynchin' Clinton (September/October 2016)
Birds and Bees (July/August 2016)
Watch Your Tongue (May/June 2016)
On the Take (March/April 2016)
The Year in Words (January/February 2016)
Email and the Russian Soul (November/December 2015)
Say What? (September/October 2015)
Baby It's Cold Outside (July/August 2015)
A War By Any Other Name (May/June 2015)
Sticks and Stones (March/April 2015)
The Long and Short of It (January/February 2015)
The English Invasion (November/December 2014)
The Doctor is In (September/October 2014)
Leaving City Life Behind (July/August 2014)
Survival Ukrainian (May/June 2014)
You Can Leave Your Hat On (March/April 2014)
Yanukovich Takes a Banya (January/February 2014)
Verbs Take a Holiday (November/December 2013)
Oba-na, Snowden! (September/October 2013)
Prime Diminutives (July/August 2013)
Have Tongue Will Travel (May/June 2013)
Sporting Portyanki (March/April 2013)
Goats, Ribs and Suitcases (January/February 2013)
Friend or Foe? (November/December 2012)
Survival Greek (September/October 2012)
A Twist in My Insobriety (July/August 2012)
Just Between Us (May/June 2012)
Out of the Blue (March/April 2012)
Fending off Demyan (January/February 2012)
Catch the Wind (November/December 2011)
A Cheat Sheet for Tom Hanks (September/October 2011)
The Art of Draznilki (July/August 2011)
Less than PC Russian (May/June 2011)
Pamela Potemkin (March/April 2011)
Survival Japanese (January/February 2011)
Kvas v. Cola (November/December 2010)
Wearied by the Sun (September/October 2010)
Lemme Tell Ya! (July/August 2010)
Seeing Red (May/June 2010)
Tender Insults (January/February 2010)
Marital Squabbles (November/December 2009)
Milky Ways (September/October 2009)
Gogol 101 (July/August 2009)
Singing in the Rain (May/June 2009)
825 Yards for Barack (March/April 2009)
Soaping Your Way (January/February 2009)
Mauvaix phone (November/December 2008)
Knees Made for Dancing (September/October 2008)
Mustache Wise (July/August 2008)
Far & Away (May/June 2008)
Two Bears in One Den (March/April 2008)
The 25-year Coat (January/February 2008)
Worms for Snacks (November/December 2007)
The Best Dandruff Cure (Sept/Oct 2007)
Like a Good Neighbor (July/August 2007)
Something About Nothing (May/June 2007)
Of Pigs and Oranges (March/April 2007)
Nostalgic for Patronymics (January/February 2007)
50 and Counting (November/December 2006)
The Babushka Factor (July/August 2006)
The General Zima factor (March/April 2006)
Fishing for Tenderness (January/February 2006)
No Sweat, Dude, Really! (November/December 2005)
Insults That Taste Russian (September/October 2005)
When P.R. Sounds Like Samovar (July/August 2005)
War-Torn Language (May/June 2005)
Virtual Russian (March/April 2005)
Khalyava: All Play and No Work (January/February 2005)
The Discreet Charm of Avos (November/December 2004)
To Queue or Not to Queue (September/October 2004)
Putinisms (July/August 2004)
From Devushka to Babushka, Non-Stop (May/Jun 2004)
Flirting, Courting and Saying it Right (March/April 2004)
Just a Minute (January/February 2004)
A Tale of Three Sandpipers (November/December 2003)
Vegetarian Disses and Disguises (September/October 2003)
Fishing with Dried Pasta (July/August 2003)
Dueling Capitals (May/June 2003)
The Face of Russian Political Correctness (January/February 2003)
A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall (September/October 2021)

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