Tamara Petkevich

TAMARA PETKEVICH (born 1920) had a relatively privileged childhood in Petrograd, but when her father – a fervent Communist – was arrested, 17-year-old Tamara was branded a “daughter of the enemy of the people.” Her mother and one sister perished in the Nazi siege of Leningrad, and Petkevich was herself arrested, receiving a seven-year sentence of hard labor in the Gulag. While in the Gulag, she learned acting on the stages of camps across the Komi Republic. After her release, she became a successful professional actress. Her memoir was published in Russian (Zhizn – sapozhok neparny) in 1993 and her life story was the subject of a 2001 documentary of the same name by Marina Razbezhkina.


Memoir of a Gulag Actress (15: Summer)

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