Tamara Eidelman

Tamara Eidelman is a historian, an author, and an acclaimed YouTube lecturer, and leader of historical tours. Formerly a history teacher at one of Moscow’s finest high schools, she regularly gives public lectures on history and recently published How Propaganda Works, as well as two books for children on Russian history. She has been the magazine's History Editor since 2003. She compiles the Calendar section and regularly contributes, vetts and edits articles on historical themes. In late 2019, she started up a Youtube channel on matters historical, societal and philosophical. It has become hugely popular (with over 200,000 subscribers), and it is a great place to improve your Russian. Also, she has an active Telegram channel.



The Timid Path (November/December 2021)
Death of an Empress (November/December 2021)
The Road Ahead (November/December 2021)
Sofia Gubaidulina (September/October 2021)
First Contact (September/October 2021)
The Panic (September/October 2021)
The Foreign Foreign Minister (July/August 2021)
The Berlin Wall (July/August 2021)
Famine and Relief (July/August 2021)
Mikhail Bulgakov (May/June 2021)
Yearning for the Bosphorus (May/June 2021)
Andrei Sakharov (May/June 2021)
Mikhail Gorbachev (March/April 2021)
Chernobyl Disaster (March/April 2021)
New Economic Policy (March/April 2021)
Mikhail Romm (January/February 2021)
A Double Life (January/February 2021)
Shoeing a Flea (January/February 2021)
A Surgeon is Born (November/December 2020)
War Communism Sputters (November/December 2020)
Troppau Protocol Signed (November/December 2020)
Sergei Bondarchuk (September/October 2020)
The Semyonovsky Regiment Revolts (September/October 2020)
The "Battle" of the Ugra River (September/October 2020)
Russian Geographical Society (July/August 2020)
Soyuz and Apollo Dock in Space (July/August 2020)
Dacha Life (July/August 2020)
Visions of War (May/June 2020)
The Forgotten Brides (May/June 2020)
Sergei Solovyov (May/June 2020)
The Case Against Foreign Lit (March/April 2020)
The Winter of 1920 (January/February 2020)
Sofia Kovalevskaya (January/February 2020)
Vsevolod Ivanov (January/February 2020)
The War to End All Wars Ends (November/December 2019)
The Gunmaker (November/December 2019)
The Winter War (November/December 2019)
Maria Temryukovna (September/October 2019)
Yeltsin's Notorious Bridge Incident (September/October 2019)
The Guns of Autumn (September/October 2019)
Filaret Rises (July/August 2019)
Magadan (July/August 2019)
I Want to Be Like Yuri (July/August 2019)
St. Isaac's 4.0 (May/June 2019)
The May Holidays (May/June 2019)
Congress of People's Deputies Convenes (May/June 2019)
Of Rabbits and Wolves (March/April 2019)
Skirmish in the Far East (March/April 2019)
Tramvai! (March/April 2019)
Man With a Box (January/February 2019)
Rewriting the Code (January/February 2019)
Baptism of the Christ (January/February 2019)
Aleksashka in the Halls of Power (The Blog)
Being Turgenev (The Blog)
Taking Stock (November/December 2018)
September and October (September/October 2018)
The August Curse (July/August 2018)
May & June (May/June 2018)
Russian March (March/April 2018)
Heir Abhorrent (January/February 2018)
The Historian (January/February 2018)
January & February (January/February 2018)
1917 Diary (November/December 2017)
1917 Diary (September/October 2017)
1917 Diary (July/August 2017)
1917 Diary (May/June 2017)
1917 Diary (March/April 2017)
Revolution! (The Blog)
1917 Diary (January/February 2017)
The End of the USSR (The Blog)
Ra-ra-Rasputin (The Blog)
Russia After Rasputin (November/December 2016)
Rasputin (November/December 2016)
The Year 1956 (September/October 2016)
Ilya's Day (July/August 2016)
Reliving August 1991 (July/August 2016)
August Days (July/August 2016)
An Unlikely Tsar (May/June 2016)
Breathing Foreign Air (May/June 2016)
Modigliani and Akhmatova in Paris (The Blog)
1861 (March/April 2016)
Zhiguli's Birth (March/April 2016)
Raskol (March/April 2016)
Pyrrhic Defeat (January/February 2016)
The Krasnodar Riot (January/February 2016)
Osip Mandelstam (January/February 2016)
Ignoble Reactions (January/February 2016)
Novgorod's Subjugation (January/February 2016)
Temporary Rules (November/December 2015)
Eisenstein's Masterpiece (November/December 2015)
Alexander's Constitution (November/December 2015)
1715: Bruce's Calendar (September/October 2015)
Two Dmitrys and a Marina (September/October 2015)
1815: The Holy Alliance (September/October 2015)
Nobel Passions (September/October 2015)
Vladivostok (July/August 2015)
Yaroslav the Wise (July/August 2015)
The 1905 Revolution (July/August 2015)
Bitter Annexations (July/August 2015)
Free Economic Society (May/June 2015)
Old and New Holidays of Spring (May/June 2015)
Day of Victory (May/June 2015)
Peter's Reform (March/April 2015)
Reform Begins (March/April 2015)
Sprouting Spring Celebrations (March/April 2015)
The Stray Dog Cabaret (March/April 2015)
Yuri Nagibin (March/April 2015)
First Book (January/February 2015)
1715: Peter and the Kunstkamera (January/February 2015)
Pushkin and Derzhavin (January/February 2015)
A Deluge of Images and Feelings (January/February 2015)
Serov and 1905 (January/February 2015)
Terror's Legacy (January/February 2015)
Kirov's Murder (November/December 2014)
The Forgotten Winter War (November/December 2014)
Catherine's Medal (November/December 2014)
The Great Wrong Turn (November/December 2014)
Menshikov the Scientist (September/October 2014)
Conservative Congress (September/October 2014)
False Dmitry (September/October 2014)
Le Fameux Nikita (September/October 2014)
The Committee for the Wounded (July/August 2014)
Distorted Portrait of an Artist (July/August 2014)
Smolensk Becomes Russian (July/August 2014)
Pivot to Revolution (July/August 2014)
Prince Golitsyn (May/June 2014)
Mikhail Bakunin (May/June 2014)
The Rise, Fall and Rise of Mikhail Glinka (May/June 2014)
The Berlin Blockade (May/June 2014)
Mars Vehicle (March/April 2014)
Springtime in Paris (March/April 2014)
The Subbotnik is Born (March/April 2014)
Peter's Decree (March/April 2014)
The Plot to Assassinate Brezhnev (January/February 2014)
A New Time (January/February 2014)
Navalny's Near Miss (November/December 2013)
From Anna to Mikhail (November/December 2013)
The Poet Turns Historian (November/December 2013)
A Cosmic Wedding (November/December 2013)
The Death of Vasily III (November/December 2013)
Demons on the Stage (September/October 2013)
The Pavlov Response (September/October 2013)
Sino-Soviet Split (September/October 2013)
Dostoyevsky the Gambler (September/October 2013)
Peter and the Loop (July/August 2013)
Lenin's London Party (July/August 2013)
The Show Must Go On (July/August 2013)
Young Pushkin (July/August 2013)
Springtime in Paris (July/August 2013)
Catherine's Manifesto of Silence (May/June 2013)
The Crown of Monomakh (May/June 2013)
St. Petersburg's 300th (May/June 2013)
Vladimir Etush: Vakhtangov Legend (May/June 2013)
Romanov Twilight (May/June 2013)
Salty Literary Critique (March/April 2013)
Sophia Paleologue (March/April 2013)
Osip Mandelstam (March/April 2013)
Death of a Tyrant (March/April 2013)
Orest Kiprensky (January/February 2013)
Walking the Streets of Moscow (January/February 2013)
Anna Akhmatova - 1913 (January/February 2013)
An Evening to Remember (January/February 2013)
Kozma Prutkov (January/February 2013)
The News that Peter Saw Fit to Print (January/February 2013)
Pitch Dark (21: Dark and Scary)
Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker (November/December 2012)
The Thaw Snaps (November/December 2012)
Pavel Fedotov (November/December 2012)
After the Waters Receded (September/October 2012)
Red Terror Begins (September/October 2012)
Urals Nuclear Disaster (September/October 2012)
Russia' First Iron Road (September/October 2012)
The Summer of 1612 (July/August 2012)
Moscow Calling (July/August 2012)
Catherine Ascends; Peter Falls (July/August 2012)
Yevgeny Vakhtangov (May/June 2012)
Nixon Visits Moscow (May/June 2012)
Izmail Ivanovich Sreznevsky (May/June 2012)
The White Ring (The Blog)
Kornei Chukovsky (March/April 2012)
Vasily Bazhenov (March/April 2012)
The Outcasts Join Forces (March/April 2012)
Becoming Observers (The Blog)
Poor Chulpan (The Blog)
Putin's Counterattack (The Blog)
Election Journal: Moscow's White Ring (The Blog)
Alexander Scriabin (January/February 2012)
Peter's Table of Ranks (January/February 2012)
Paranoia Trumps True Love (January/February 2012)
The Thrill of Sport (17: Sport)
Underwater Hero (November/December 2011)
Peruvian Volcano Unseats Russian Tsar (November/December 2011)
End of the USSR (November/December 2011)
The Roads to Wisdom (16: Wisdom and Wit)
Lucky Murmansk (September/October 2011)
Pyotr Stolypin (September/October 2011)
The Lyceum (September/October 2011)
The Tale Collector (July/August 2011)
Absent for the Coup (July/August 2011)
The Grand Theater (July/August 2011)
Summer Delight (15: Summer)
Rethinking the Unthinkable (May/June 2011)
Slavic Adoration (May/June 2011)
A 20,000 Candle Party (May/June 2011)
Life a la Chekhov (14: Provincial Life)
The Reform Not Taken (March/April 2011)
One Step Backward (March/April 2011)
The Artist Beside Himself (March/April 2011)
Modigliani and Akhmatova in Paris (January/February 2011)
Freeing the Serfs (January/February 2011)
Pushkin Evenings at the Petrograd House of Writers (January/February 2011)
Man's Fate (13: Luck)
The Death of Alexander I (November/December 2010)
Itinerant Exhibition (November/December 2010)
Mongols Sack Kiev (November/December 2010)
Chekhov's Place (12: Chekhov Bilingual)
Sergei Yesenin (September/October 2010)
October Manifesto (September/October 2010)
Khrushchev at the UN (September/October 2010)
Ruler of the East (July/August 2010)
Moscow Olympics (July/August 2010)
Alexander Grin (July/August 2010)
Autonomy, Solitude and Peace (11: Dacha Life)
The Pride of Moscow (May/June 2010)
From St. Petersburg to Moscow (May/June 2010)
Transforming Nature (May/June 2010)
Hope Dies Last (10: Hope Dies Last)
Perestroika (March/April 2010)
Dizzy with Success (March/April 2010)
Karpov v. Fischer (March/April 2010)
Literaturnaya Gazeta (January/February 2010)
Ivan the Terrible (January/February 2010)
Galina Ulanova (January/February 2010)
Behind the Urals (09: Beyond the Urals)
Alexander Vasiliyevich Kolchak (November/December 2009)
12 Angry Peasants (November/December 2009)
The Fall of the Berlin Wall (November/December 2009)
Russian Love (08: Love a la Russe)
Andrei Platonov (September/October 2009)
Sophia's Failed Coup (September/October 2009)
Prisoners Dilemma (07: To the Caucasus)
Alexander Godunov (July/August 2009)
Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact (July/August 2009)
Socialist Realism (July/August 2009)
The Deportation of Peoples (May/June 2009)
Poltava (May/June 2009)
Sergius of Radonezh (May/June 2009)
Introduction (06: Gogol Mogul)
Deconstructing Dashkova (March/April 2009)
Arrival of Russian Democracy (March/April 2009)
Terrible's Father (March/April 2009)
Lev Landau: Impure Science (January/February 2009)
Boris Savinkov: Russian Terrorist (January/February 2009)
Afghanistan: Distant Drums (January/February 2009)
New Year's Cinema (05: Winter Holidays)
The Tehran Conference (November/December 2008)
New Year's: From Pagan to Present (November/December 2008)
Being Turgenev (November/December 2008)
Introduction (04: Childhood)
October Days (September/October 2008)
Lyceum Day (September/October 2008)
Aleksei Fyodorovich Losev (September/October 2008)
Tsarevich Alexei (July/August 2008)
Peter and Paul Day (July/August 2008)
The Muckraker (July/August 2008)
Life is a Road, The Road is Life (03: On the Road)
The Tunguska X-File (May/June 2008)
The First Woman in Space (May/June 2008)
Independence Day (May/June 2008)
An Interview with Yuli Kim (02: Three Russian Springs)
Spring on the Silver Screen (02: Three Russian Springs)
Three Springs: Rebirth, Love & Politics (02: Three Russian Springs)
The Tauride Connection (March/April 2008)
The Unseemly Holiday (March/April 2008)
The Aspirations of Youth (March/April 2008)
A Lucky Filmmaker (January/February 2008)
From Julian to Gregory (January/February 2008)
Celebrating Studenthood (January/February 2008)
The Dog as an Aspect of the Russian Soul (01: The Hearts of Dogs)
The Tver Uprising (November/December 2007)
Samuil Marshak (November/December 2007)
When Things Fell Apart (November/December 2007)
An Inspired Publisher: Alexander Smirdin (Sept/Oct 2007)
Sputnik: The Satellite That Changed Everything (Sept/Oct 2007)
Kaluga's Rocket Scientist (Sept/Oct 2007)
A New Art: Theater and the 18-hour Meal (July/August 2007)
A Russian Feminist (July/August 2007)
The Grand Illusion (July/August 2007)
Pushkin's Other Square (May/June 2007)
Barclay de Tolly (May/June 2007)
The Seven Years War (May/June 2007)
The Taganka's Master (March/April 2007)
Running from Stalin (March/April 2007)
When Things Fall Apart (March/April 2007)
Pyotr Semyonov-Tyanshansky (January/February 2007)
Pushkin's Death (January/February 2007)
1937: A Year Soaked in Blood (January/February 2007)
1991: The View From Moscow (November/December 2006)
Fyodor Volkov (November/December 2006)
Bolotnikov's Rebellion (November/December 2006)
1956 (September/October 2006)
The Bering Strait (September/October 2006)
Dmitry Shostakovich (September/October 2006)
Ivan Kruzenshtern (July/August 2006)
The Celebration of Summer (July/August 2006)
The First Public Library (July/August 2006)
The Victory That Wasn't (May/June 2006)
If These Walls (May/June 2006)
The Original Slavophiles (May/June 2006)
The Battle on the Ice (March/April 2006)
Rebellion in a Naval Fortress (March/April 2006)
Alexander II sets the course (March/April 2006)
Lefortovo (January/February 2006)
The Union of Salvation (January/February 2006)
Khrushchev's Secret Speech (January/February 2006)
The Trial of Yevno Azef (January/February 2006)
An End to Heresy (November/December 2005)
Alexander Menshikov (November/December 2005)
Alexandrovo Sloboda (November/December 2005)
The October Manifesto (September/October 2005)
A Tumultuous Century Begins (September/October 2005)
The New, New Year (September/October 2005)
Vladimir Gilyarovsky (September/October 2005)
The Defense of Sevastopol (July/August 2005)
War with Japan (July/August 2005)
False Dmitry I (July/August 2005)
War and Peace (May/June 2005)
Off the Beaten Ring (March/April 2005)
1905: The New Year's Blizzard (January/February 2005)
Kremlin Ghosts (May/Jun 2004)


Gypsies of the Smolensk Province (35: Gypsies)

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