Nikolai Zabolotsky

NIKOLAI ALEXEYEVICH ZABOLOTSKY (1903-1958) was a distinguished poet and translator. In his youth, he penned absurdist poetry and was a member of the OBERIU society. However, over time, influenced by both internal and external forces, Zabolotsky began to compose more realistic poetry. In 1938 he was arrested, and from 1943 he was in internal exile. Zabolotsky was not allowed to live in Moscow and lived for many years in the Caucasus, primarily in Georgia, where he had close ties through friendship and literature. There, in addition to writing poetry, he translated Georgian works masterfully into Russian.


Illness (08: Love a la Russe)
I Have Touched Eucalyptus Leaves (07: To the Caucasus)
The Face of a Horse (19: Horse Power)
Beethoven (32: Musical Writing)

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