Nicky Gardner

NICKY GARDNER is a writer based in Berlin, Germany. She has a particular interest in social and cultural minorities in Europe. Nicky has authored hundreds of articles for print publications, many of them exploring aspects of everyday life in unsung parts of Europe. Her work is, she says, an exercise in literary cartography, quietly uncovering aspects of European life glossed over by the regular media. She is also co-editor of hidden europe magazine (


Russians in Switzerland (November/December 2015)
Between Two Worlds (July/August 2015)
The Murman Coast (March/April 2015)
Liquid Assets (July/August 2014)
The View from Anadyr (May/June 2014)
Red Star over Leipzig (September/October 2013)
Russian Paris (July/August 2013)
On the Iron Roads (January/February 2013)
Northern Limits (July/August 2012)
Russian Finland (November/December 2011)
Riviera Russians (July/August 2011)
How the East Was Won (May/June 2011)
The City of Chagall (May/June 2010)
Berlinograd (January/February 2010)
Baltic Outpost (March/April 2009)
Russian Orthodox Churches on the Riviera (Riviera Russians)

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