Nadezhda Grebennikova

Nadezhda Grebennikova was born in Murmansk Oblast, studied journalism in Veliky Novgorod, and for the past several years has been living in Sochi. She works as a journalist for print and online publications, writing on a wide range of subjects, from society and history, to culture, travel and the environment. She was also the English to Russian translator for The Spine of Russia, and a co-author of Resilience.


Sochi +5 (March/April 2019)
House on the Embankment (July/August 2018)
Living 100 Russian Years (May/June 2018)
Old Fears (Online)
Live Long and Prosper (Online)
Know Your Country! (Online)
Two Riverbanks* (Online)
On the Tragedy of One Family... and an Entire People (Online)
The Full 100 (Online)
The First Pancake is Always Lumpy (Online)
Bread is Good (May/June 2017)
Second Sight (May/June 2017)
Food of the Gods (March/April 2017)
Hunting the Northern Lights (March/April 2017)
Art Takes a Village (September/October 2016)
Russia's First Photojournalist (January/February 2016)

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