Nadezhda Grebennikova

Nadezhda Grebennikova was born in Murmansk Oblast, studied journalism in Veliky Novgorod, and for the past several years has been living in Sochi. She works as a journalist for print and online publications, writing on a wide range of subjects, from society and history, to culture, travel and the environment. She was also the English to Russian translator for The Spine of Russia, and a co-author of Resilience.


Tenders of the Vine (January/February 2021)
Sochi +5 (March/April 2019)
House on the Embankment (July/August 2018)
Living 100 Russian Years (May/June 2018)
Old Fears (The Blog)
Live Long and Prosper (The Blog)
Know Your Country! (The Blog)
Two Riverbanks* (The Blog)
On the Tragedy of One Family... and an Entire People (The Blog)
The Full 100 (The Blog)
The First Pancake is Always Lumpy (The Blog)
Bread is Good (May/June 2017)
Second Sight (May/June 2017)
Food of the Gods (March/April 2017)
Hunting the Northern Lights (March/April 2017)
Art Takes a Village (September/October 2016)
Russia's First Photojournalist (January/February 2016)

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