Maria Bloshteyn

MARIA BLOSHTEYN emigrated from St. Petersburg with her family when she was eight years old and has always been fascinated with how different cultures interact and (mis)understand each other. She is a scholar of comparative literature and cultural studies with a special interest in Dostoyevsky’s impact on American literature (she authored The Making of a Counter-Culture Icon: Henry Miller’s Dostoyevsky). She is also a Russian-English translator (including Alexander Galich’s Dress Rehearsal) and lives in Toronto.


Paris: A Russian City (26: Springtime in Paris)


An Evening Hour Fading Fast (26: Springtime in Paris)
I'm Not a Shadow (26: Springtime in Paris)
Whose Murmuring It Is, I Know Not (26: Springtime in Paris)
Black Moth (26: Springtime in Paris)
Luchina (26: Springtime in Paris)
My Thanks for All of This (26: Springtime in Paris)
Un Petit Accident (26: Springtime in Paris)
On the Banks of the Seine (26: Springtime in Paris)
The Dog Groomer (26: Springtime in Paris)
A Spring Miracle (26: Springtime in Paris)
The Soul's Pendulum (37: The Year 1917)

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