Maria Antonova

Maria Antonova was born in Moscow and lived for several years in the United States, studying at the University of Washington. She relocated back to Moscow to pursue journalism and has traveled extensively throughout Russia and the former Soviet Union. In addition to her duties as Russian Life's Managing Editor (since 2007), she was a longtime correspondent for Agence France-Presse and contributes to many other publications.


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Their Lives for Their Art (November/December 2007)
A Church at the End of the Earth (November/December 2007)
The Difficulty of Being Oligarchic (November/December 2007)
Tempest in a Teapot (Sept/Oct 2007)
An Animating Genius (Sept/Oct 2007)
Vanishing Act (March/April 2007)


Soviet Redux (January/February 2015)
Crimean Sojourn (January/February 2015)
Trekking Baikal (January/February 2011)
Do Svidaniya Stirlitz (January/February 2010)
One Century in the Life of Aleksandr Isayevich (September/October 2008)


The Ghost of the Mountains (March/April 2017)
Dazzling the Palate (November/December 2011)

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