Linda DeLaine

LINDA DELAINE was a long-time Russophile and former editor of the Russian Culture section on She contributed hundreds of timeless articles to Russian Life's online archive before her sudden death in March 2002.


Death of a Dynasty (Online)
Saints Cyril and Methodius (Online)
Great Lent (Online)
Let the Maslenitsa Begin! (Online)
Nikita S. Khrushchev (Online)
Celebrating Women on Women's Day (Online)
Post WWII Years (Online)
Independence Day (Online)
Suppressed Testament of Lenin - pt. 13 (Online)
Stalin: The Red Tsar (Online)
Russian Orthodox Christmas (Online)
Prianiki for the Holidays (Online)
Ancient Peoples of the Russian Steppes (Online)
Ded Moroz (Online)
Blini (Online)
Leo Tolstoy (Online)
Supersonic Flight (Online)
Drinking in Russia (Online)
Doctor Zhivago and Khrushchev (Online)
Matryoshka - Soul of Russia (Online)
St. Basil the Blessed (Online)
Sex and the Future of Russian Society (Online)
Byzantine Catholic Church in Russia (Online)
Jarkov Mammoth (Online)
Alexander I (Online)
Chechnya; Land of Conflict (Online)
Book Picks - Health (Online)
Book Picks - Literature (Online)
Russian Serfs and Nikolai Gogol (Online)
Russia and Belarus (Online)
2002 Winter Olympics (Online)
Dagestan - Islamic Center and War Zone (Online)
Nazi-Soviet Pact and Barbarossa (Online)
Russian Trivia Quiz 4 (Online)
Sino - Russian Relations (Online)
Post WWII Years; Pt. 2 (Online)
Russia and the Olympics (Online)
Political Trade Offs (Online)
Fyodor Dostoevsky (Online)
Creation of the Comintern (Online)
Russian Imperial Easter Eggs (Online)
Orthodox Christian Canonization (Online)
Leon Trotsky (Online)
Peasants (Online)
Book Picks - Architecture (Online)
Origins of the Slavic Cross (Online)
Book Picks - Russian Orthodox Christianity (Online)
Soviet Foreign Policy (Online)
Music During the Soviet Regime (Online)
Christ the Savior Cathedral & Romanov Canonization (Online)
Doukhobors of Russia (Online)
Alexandra and the Romanovs (Online)
Amber Room (Online)
Book Picks - Government (Online)
Invasion of Russia Remembered (Online)
Tunguska Event (Online)
Book Picks - Folklore (Online)
Ancient Warrior Women (Online)
Weather Across Russia (Online)
Anton Chekhov (Online)
After Stalingrad (Online)
Andrey Rublev (Online)
Russian Trivia Quiz 3 (Online)
Emperor of all Russia (Online)
Book Picks - Former Soviet States (Online)
Russian Trivia Quiz 2 (Online)
Kulich - Sweetbread Recipe (Online)
Century of Rebellion; Years of Tsar Alexi (Online)
The Calendar Issue (Online)
End of an Era (Online)
ABM, NMD - Alphabet Soup of Defense (Online)
ABM, NMD - Alphabet Soup of Defense (Online)
ABM, NMD - Alphabet Soup of Defense (Online)
Doukhobors of Russia (Online)
Emperor of all Russia (Online)
Doukhobors of Russia (Online)
Russian Pascha (Online)
Old Hymn, New Words (Online)
Russian Ladies in Space (Online)
Russian Ladies of the Avant-garde (Online)
Russian Icons (Online)
After Stalingrad (con't) (Online)
The Real Santa (Online)
Readings for Feast Day of St. Nicholas (Online)
Alexander Nevsky (Online)
Day of Accord and Reconciliation (Online)
U.S. Withdrawal from the ABM Treaty (Online)
Freedom? (Online)
Shaman and Native Mysticism (Online)
Nina Novikova, St. Petersburg Artist (Online)
Women Combat Aviators of the Patriotic War (Online)
Dagestan - Islamic Center and War Zone (Online)
Post WWII Years; Pt. 3 (Online)
Role of Women in Russian Cooking (Online)
Golden Khokhloma (Online)
St. Grand Duchess Elizabeth (Online)
The Plight of Russia's Orphans (Online)
Russia's Troubled Times (Online)
Food and Nutrition (Online)
String of Pearls (Online)
Maxim Gorky (Online)
Blackbread Recipe (Online)
Mealtime in Russia (Online)
Yeltsin's Surprise Resignation (Online)
Shawls of Pavlovsky Posad (Online)
Tea Time in Russia (Online)
Kievan Rus' and the Church (Online)
Who Killed Kirov? (Online)
Food and Nutrition (Online)
All that Glitters . . . Or Something More? (Online)
New Face at Russia's Helm (Online)
The Walls Came Tumbling Down! (Online)
Russia's Military Today (Online)
Battle of Stalingrad (Online)
Christmastide Tradition (Online)

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