Lev Brandt

Lev Brandt (1901-1948) attained a law degree at Petrograd University after fighting in the Civil War, but then chose to pursue his interest in theater and literature instead. After obtaining his second degree - in theater direction - he stayed with the theater just long enough to find out he would never be successful as a director. At the Stage Arts Institute, Brandt also met his wife, choreographer Tamara Ender, who would become the indefatigable advocate of his work. Brandt published the bulk of his writing, including the novella Bracelet II (later adapted for the screen) in the 1930s, before he was arrested and exiled in 1937. He returned just in time to join the Soviet Army in defense of Leningrad in 1941. He was never allowed to live in Leningrad again, but enjoyed a short-lived career as the artistic director of a folk dance ensemble in Pskov, before succumbing to cancer at the age of 48.


Bracelet II (19: Horse Power)

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