Lev Berdnikov

Lev Berdnikov was born in Moscow and graduated from the Russian Language Department of Moscow Pedagogical University. He worked for a few years as a reporter for Uchitelskaya Gazeta (Teachers Newspaper), and from 1980 to 1990 worked as a senior researcher in the Department of Rare Books (Museum of Books) at Lenin Library (now known as the Russian State Library). Since 1990, he has lived in Los Angeles. He is the author of multiple books, including Jews in Service to the Tsar, published by Russian Life books, and more than 60 essays published in Russia, the U.S., Israel, Germany and Latvia. He is also the member of the editorial board of magazines in Denmark and Germany, and is deputy editor of the journal Слово/Word.


Peter's War on Facial Hair (January/February 2022)
Russia's Munchausens (November/December 2020)
"He Loved Freedom and Russia" (May/June 2020)
The Story Behind an Inscription (November/December 2019)
Tsarina Elizabeth (November/December 2009)
Baron Shafirov's Finest Hour (September/October 2009)
The Jewish King of the Samoyed (January/February 2008)
The Russian Pompadour (November/December 2007)
The Execution of Lady Hamilton (January/February 2007)
The Loud American (September/October 2006)

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