Irina Karatsuba

Irina Karatsuba is the author of dozens of articles and books, including most recently Choose Your History: Forks in the Russian Historical Road, from Ryurik to the Oligarchs («Выбирая свою историю. Развилки на пути России: от Рюриковичей до олигархов»), which she co-authored with Nikita Sokolov and Igor Kurikin. She has taught at Moscow State University, RGGU, St. Filaret's Orthodox Christian Institute, and at universities in the US, UK, and France. She is particularly interested in how Russia is perceived in the west, and in Russian-British cultural relations, and the history of the Church.


The First and Last National Census (January/February 2022)
Early Foreign Views of Russia (January/February 2022)

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