Ilya Stogoff

Ilya Stogoffwas born in Leningrad and has lived there all his life, with the exception of a year and half when he lived on the island of Sakhalin. He has worked as a bike salesman, television braodcaster, black market money-changer, school teacher, janitor in a movie theater, senior editor of an erotic journal, security guard, translator, musical observer, bartender and casino press secretary. He has been named "Journalist of the Year in St. Petersburg." In 2001 OM Magazine named him writer of the year. He is the author of over a dozen books, including Macho ne plachut (Machos Don't Cry), which won an award as the best novel of the year in 2001. He is married and has two children.


The World's Longest Road (March/April 2004)
Primorye: Cars and Crime (January/February 2004)
Realm of the Sacred Raven (November/December 2003)
Where East Becomes West (September/October 2003)
Beet Top & The Marsh Mushroom (May/June 2003)
A Fierce War: Being Catholic in Russia (March/April 2003)

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