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Laura Williamsand husband Igor Shpilenok have been conserving Russian nature for two decades. Laura has a Master's degree in Conservation Biology from Yale and worked at WWF-Russia. Igor founded and directed the Bryansk Forest Nature Reserve in western Russia. Today they are a full-time conservation writer and photographer team, traveling around Russia to document its wilderness. Laura blogs in English and Russian at llorax.livejournal.com. Igor's photo blog is at shpilenok.livejournal.com.


Field of Dreams (May/June 2014)
The Bug that Brought Russia to its Knees (July/August 2007)
Bears in the Mist (November/December 2006)
The Wonders of Kamchatka (July/August 2006)
Saving the Desman (July/August 2005)
The Bryansk Forest Sternly Stirred (May/June 2005)
Living with the White Storks (September/October 2004)
The Bear Whisperers (July/August 2004)
Kalmykia: Reviving the Dusty Plain (September/October 2003)
The Lure of Kunashir (July/August 2003)
Keeping a Sweet Tradition Alive (July/August 2002)

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