Daniil Kharms

DANIIL KHARMS (1905-1942) (born Yubachev) was a poet, dramatist, and one of the founders of Russian literature of the absurd. Kharms' work was completely unacceptable to Soviet authorities, which led to sharp criticism. In 1931, he was arrested and exiled to Kursk, but later was allowed to return to Leningrad. Like many of the absurdist poets, Kharms tried to carve out a niche for himself with children's poetry. In 1941, he was again arrested and died of hunger during the Leningrad blockade.


On Foot, A Man Set Out From Home (03: On the Road)
Ivan Toporyshkin (01: The Hearts of Dogs)
Krysakov and the Two Puppies (01: The Hearts of Dogs)
The Bulldog and the Weiner Dog (01: The Hearts of Dogs)

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