Asya Lisina

Asya Lisina is an artist and illustrator who studied at the Moscow Art Lyceum and the Gerasimov State Institute of Cinematography. She works with the Art Lebedev Studio and especially loves to draw animals.


Cover Story (Online)


Cover Story (Online)
Lyonushka and Ruble Bill (September/October 2019)
Nikolayev's Birthday (July/August 2019)
Someone Else's Granny (May/June 2019)
A Winter's Tale (mostly about valenki) (January/February 2019)
People's Court (November/December 2018)
Two Fishing Tales (September/October 2018)
Avdotya and the District Medic (May/June 2018)
Cats in the Fridge (January/February 2018)
Bath Day in Sheshurino (September/October 2017)
Raspberry Beetles (July/August 2017)
The Russian Way (May/June 2017)
Nikolayev and Lyuska (March/April 2017)
Sheshurino, Boy & Mishka Sparrowlegs (January/February 2017)

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