Anne O. Fisher

ANNE O. FISHER’s translation of Ilf & Petrov’s The Little Golden Calf (Russian Life Books) won the 2010 prize for Best Translation into English from AAASS. Her translation of their first book, The Twelve Chairs (Northwestern University Press, 2011), won the 2012 Northern California Book Award for Fiction Translation. She also translated the coauthors’ account of their 1935-36 road trip through the U.S. (Ilf & Petrov’s American Road Trip, Cabinet Books and Princeton Architectural Press). She is the recipient of NEH and NEA grants, most recently to support co-translating the poetry of Maxim Amelin with her husband, poet Derek Mong. 


Other Worlds (18: Other Worlds)


Fire-Breathing Beast (March/April 2019)
The Freedom Factory (January/February 2019)
Dersu Uzala (09: Beyond the Urals)
The Golden Calf (06: Gogol Mogul)
The Interplanetary Chess Congress (17: Sport)
A Second Reading of Borges (18: Other Worlds)
There's No Peace on Earth or in Heaven (18: Other Worlds)
There is No Night (23: Women Writing)
The Little Golden Calf (34: Treasure Hunting)

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