Alexander Mozhayev

Alexander Mozhayev is a graduate of the Moscow Architectural Institute, with a specialty in architectural restoration. Since 2002, he has worked as a journalist for various Moscow magazines, and as an author of Moscow guidebooks. He is a member of the organization, Moscow That Is No More, which works to halt destruction of the capital’s architectural heritage.


What Lies Beneath (May/June 2021)
Racism Here and There (The Blog)
The Good, the Bad, and the Middling (The Blog)
Monument Men (January/February 2017)
The Italians Who Built the Third Rome (November/December 2015)
A Forest Terem (May/June 2015)
Red Square (January/February 2015)
Beneath Kremlin Walls (March/April 2010)
Zaryade: Moscow Quiet Nook (May/June 2009)
Floating Churches (May/June 2008)
Exploring the Lower Depths (March/April 2007)
Salt Town (January/February 2007)
Exhibitionism: Soviet Style (March/April 2005)

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