10 Reasons to Advertise in Russian Life

1. No One Else Comes Close

Russian Life is the only magazine of its kind. It is the largest circulation magazine in English that is published outside Russia and devoted solely to covering Russia.

2. Extended Shelf Life

Russian Life is a bimonthly magazine. Which means it is on store shelves longer and in people’s homes longer. That translates into better chances your ad will be seen. What is more, our readers preserve and cherish old copies of the magazine and keep them around for later reference. In short, one ad in Russian Life is equal to several ads in other local weeklies or monthlies with less staying power.

3. Special Circulation

Russian Life goes not only to paid subscribers all over the US, Canada and Europe, but also to select members of the US Congress, top American business leaders doing business in Russia, and other important opinion makers.

4. The Next Generation

Only Russian Life has made a long-term commitment to American students. Through special arrangements with over 200 colleges and high schools across the country, thousands of American students of Russian – who are just forming their opinions of Russia, who will travel to Russia in coming years, and who will soon work in multinational corporations in Russia – now receive the magazine through a special distribution program.

5. Targeted Marketing

You could advertise in several larger circulation travel publications and not reach as many Russophiles or persons interested in traveling to Russia.

6. Horse Before the Cart

Get your message in front of prospective American clients before they make their travel decisions. At any given time, thousands of Russian Life readers are planning to travel to Russia in the near future.

7. Life in Balance

Russian Life does not print super-sweet “matryoshka journalism” or engage in “Russia-bashing.” This has led many esteemed observers to say that Russian Life is the only English language media outlet that offers a truly balanced picture of Russia. Our advertisers agree that this is a good thing to be associated with.

8. Older & Wiser

How many magazines can claim a publication history of over 60 years? Not many. In fact, Russian Life, established in 1956, is the only magazine on Russia published outside Russia that can make this claim.

9. Web Savvy

Our company has had a presence on the World Wide Web since before Al Gore invented it! The Russian Life website is a leading Western resource on Russian events, Russian history, Russian culture and travel, with over 50,000 monthly page views and over 17,000 unique visitors. We put this popularity to work for our advertisers and partners, bringing our readers and advertisers together in direct contact, so print advertisers are automatically featured on our website and to our 215,000+ strong Facebook fans.

10. Cost Effective

Russian Life is supported by its readers, by paid subscribers. This means we are very attentive to our readers’ needs and interests. But it also means that, unlike so many magazines, we don’t have to inflate our advertising prices to cover the costs of editorial and circulation. We set fair, consistent prices. The end result is our advertisers can reach tens of thousands of highly-targeted readers for a fraction of the cost of advertising in less-effective, mass-circulation magazines.

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