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"Russian Life Magazine happens to be the premier glossy type magazine available! This publication is by far, one of, if not, the best periodicals available on the market today. I do not, nor ever have had, a magazine subscription that equals the caliber of this one. It is not only read in my household, but is also passed on to those in Magadan, Novosibirsk & Moscow with equal enthusiasm! As for a wide span of information about Russia and its people, this magazine is on the cutting edge of creating curiosity!"

— Mark Gwynn



"I have had a subscription to Russian Life for at least three years. I think that it is the best publication about a foreign culture to be found anywhere. Its content is a combination of National Geographic, People, Time and Fortune. The quality of writing is excellent ... the physical production, color, photos, and layout is as professional as any magazine. I recommend it to any individual or organization with any level of interest in Russia and Russian culture."

— Jim Clayton



"Russian Life both entertains and informs me. Its broad range of high quality, well illustrated articles makes it fascinating and has me reading every issue from cover to cover."

— David M Rowell



"I think the magazine is just great! I actually wait for it and read each issue word for word at least twice. It struck me as very strange that many of my friends from Russia have never heard of the magazine. When I gave them a few issues they were so delighted! They just couldn't understand how they didn't know about it. Please keep up the great work."

— Allison E. Massge



"Russian Life is the greatest! More than any other publication I receive, I look forward to its articles, its great photographs and art work, its balanced perspective! I also enjoy reading about the parts of Russia that I know (the cities) AND the hidden, yet equally fascinating, parts which I have not had an opportunity to visit. Keep up the good work and THANK YOU for a most wonderful publication!!!"

— Mary Jane Bolin



"I debated for two years whether or not to order the Russian Life magazine. I just received my first issue and all I can say is that I wasted two years of what I bet was wonderful writing. What a beautiful, insightful, well written piece of literature! We adopted our precious daughter from Russia two years ago and my great grandparents hail from Russia. We want to learn more about this diverse and culturally rich country not only for the benefit of our daughter, but also for the rest of our family. Thank you for your talent and efforts."

— Erica Ploski



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